Our Mission and Values

Leadership team Chico Electric

Chico Electric Leadership Team left to right: Frank Vanskike, President | Skip Whaley, Vice President – Service Department | Charlene Bellante, Vice President – Finance Department | Norm Nielsen, CEO



"At Chico Electric our purpose, our passion, our business and our success has been and always will be to exceptionally serve our customers. We have the best customers in the world."
—Norm Nielsen

Our Mission Is Simple

Every customer's complete satisfaction is our mission and the essential measurement for the success and sustainability of our entire company.

We do what it takes, no matter how tough or challenging the job, because our customers depend on us time and again.

Sustainability Award Established in 2016

We have created an award — “The NC “Cec” Nielsen Memorial Sustainability Award” — to recognize one customer each year who demonstrates a commitment to a culture of sustainability inside and outside of their company.

By sustainability, we mean a business approach that creates long-term customer and employee value by considering every dimension of operations, including social, cultural, economic and environmental.

The spirit of our founder, N.C. “Cec” Nielsen, a thoughtful, visionary gentleman and business man, guides us as we consider the qualifications of our many customers and which customer exemplifies Cec's vision and commitment to overall sustainability.