Agricultural Solar

Chico Electric's unique package of custom solar and water pump controls has saved us money on our electricity annually with quick paybacks. They also installed and wired our complex nut processing facilities with pioneering energy and cost savings. We depend on Chico Electric 24/7.
—Bill Carriere, Carriere Family Farms

Gain Energy Independence

Thousands of agricultural operations in the United States are now producing renewable energy, reducing monthly energy costs and increasing the value of their companies. Solar provides farmers and ranchers with a reliable, cost-effective energy solution.

Ag Solar ROI

Solar can virtually eliminate your electric bill by helping offset peak production hours. Agriculture solar systems have revolutionized the way energy is delivered to your pumps and your hulling, shelling and processing facilities.

We Bring Our Ag Experience to Your Project

We have designed and installed a variety of impressive agricultural solar projects and have the expertise to design the best possible system for your operations. Additionally, we will find all available state and federal grant and tax rebates that you qualify for and, when the time comes, will take care of all the required paperwork.

Your system will be custom designed to meet your current electrical needs. Every kilowatt-hour (kWh) your custom solar system produces will offset your electrical bill. We can install panels on the ground or on the roofs of barns, livestock buildings, or homes, further utilizing these surfaces for your benefit.

Designing Your System

After meeting with your team regarding your current usage and existing and future operational goals, we will prepare a comprehensive, written proposal including: system description, rebates, and a financial analysis of utility savings over the system life. Our proposal will also include the system resale value, rate of return on cash invested, and total life-cycle payback of your system.

We are confident that your investment will reap long-term savings, helping to keep your farm or ranch sustainable now and into the future.

Contact us to discuss your agricultural solar project. We look forward to working with you.