Eagle Scan Optical Electronic Walnut Color Sorter

Purpose-Built for Walnuts:
Advanced Color Sorter Technology

Chico Electric has partnered with the agriculture community since 1960 to bring innovation and money saving efficiency to our customers. Our walnut color sorter systems are our latest product that offers food-safe materials, cost-saving efficiency and return on investment.

  • Robust, industrial construction
  • Long service life
  • Food grade materials for maximum huller food safety

>> Watch a video of the sorter in action

Fits Your Existing Sorter Table and Integrates to Your Hulling Line

Our sorter frame system matches and bolts to your existing sorter table for a clean and quick refit. Chico Electric technicians do the sorter install and provide on-demand 24/7 season long service for optimal results.

Innovative and Modular Camera System

Our camera system enables ease of service and future upgrades. Each stainless-steel camera box is a complete color sorter. If necessary, three easy and accessible quick connect fittings and six thumb screws allows our customers or our field technicians to remove and replace a single box in five minutes all while the remaining cameras continue to sort. We have an optional nut diverter to move product to adjacent cameras while a change is made.

Unique to huller walnut sorters, our proven design incorporates two precision adjustable air ejection systems that simultaneously sorts dark nuts and green nuts into their designated chutes, all in the space of twelve inches and one pass.

Cameras are positioned forward and well above the ejection area thus remaining clean for optimal imaging. Each camera view area overlaps such that you have contiguous coverage across the width of the belt. Each camera process five tons per hour on early harvest (heavy greens/darks). Mid-season harvest (low ejects) product can be processed at seven tons an hour with higher belt loading.

Simple, Clear Controls

The operator controls are simple to use and understand. Near infinitely adjustable color slide bar features are:
Dark, Dark Percent, Green and Dark + Green.

  • Dual and Single Sort—Good when only dark nuts to eject.
  • Separate Operator and Supervisor Control Screens—Camera communication indicators. Ten stored customizable sort settings programs for quick and easy variety switch or lot changes.
  • Object Analysis Tool—You see what the computer sees. This helps you refine sort values to rerun difficult to sort stick tights, dark nuts that are good, husk fly damage with green and black husk or in extreme situations – mud.
  • No Waste or Fail-safe Sorting Feature—an adjustable chute divider closes the dark chute; all ejects are recycled through the green chute to return to the huller giving you options over good product with bad color conditions.

System Sizes

  • 12”/14” belt/conveyor: 5 tns/hr
  • 24” belt/conveyor: 10 tns/hr
  • 34”/36” belt/conveyor: 15 tns/hr
  • 48” belt/table: 20 tns/hr
  • 64” belt/table: 30 tns/hr
  • 80” belt/table: 40 tns/hr

Contact us to discuss this sorter system for your operations and to schedule a viewing of installed systems. We look forward to working with you.