Commercial Solar

Sierra Nevada Brewery Solar

Chico Electric is our choice for over 20 years; they have the manpower and the flexibility we need. Their expertise in solar has helped us achieve near grid neutrality by designing and installing our 1.5 mW roof top system. Chico Electric is key to our sustainability initiatives.
—Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Chico Electric’s history in renewable energy dates back to thermal solar in the 1970s and Photovoltaic (PV) Solar beginning in 1999. Since then we have implemented PV solar along with our existing general electrical construction services for commercial and industrial customers in agriculture, food processing, manufacturing and education.

Our work includes industry leading projects, such as Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, where we designed and installed one the largest roof-top solar installations in the nation.

Another major solar project at Butte College in Northern California resulted in the college becoming the first in the history of the United States to go 'grid positive,' meaning that the college has the capacity to generate enough electricity from its solar arrays to more than offset its electricity cost.

Butte College has had a longstanding commitment to sustainability and achieving grid-positive status marks the culmination of years of effort to build Butte College's supply of solar power and to improve energy efficiency on campus.
—Dr. Kimberly Perry, Butte College

Design and Installation

The systems designed by Chico Electric consistently achieve the highest possible energy harvest. This is accomplished by using the most advanced system components and by engineering the right variables for your needs. Systems are installed by our certified installers using the most advanced PV solar panels, high efficiency power inverters, and a mounting system matched to the roof type or ground. The electrical system is installed in accordance with the highest standards for safety, performance and reliability.

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